Hi Mum,

this is what you do to update the page on the server:

First, you open the page you want to edit using dreamweaver, as shown in the screen shot below:

Right click on the file you want to edit, then select "Open With", then selct Dream Weaver as shown abobe

Type the information, insert photo, create links as i am doing now!

Then save as shown below:

Next we need to copy the files from your computer to the Server at my place, remember that you need to be connected to the internet for this work, double click on the icon below and wait!

On the server, in the window that opens, find "thea" and open it.

Also on Thea's computer, go to Documents, then scroll down to "theWEB" and open it.

Select the files and folders that have changed (or all of them) use shift the select more then one. Then drag them from "theaWEB" to "thea" (on the server). It will ask you if you want to replace or keep both, select REPLACE.

Now open you favourite web browser and go to http://www.thea.stankey.com/ and confirm that the page has been updated, Note: you may need the hit the refresh button:

Any questions, ask Richard@stankey.com

Once you have finished all your work, you can if you wish quit all the applications you are using, but there is no real need to do this!